Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Download PVS Studio v4.77 with

PVS Studio v4.77 with is an appliion of static analysis that detects errors in source of C / C + + / C + +0 x appliions. There are 2 sets of rules included into PVS-Studio:
Diagnosis of parallel errors (VivaMP)eral-purpose diagnosisPVS-Studio Ftures:* Integration with Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010;* Online-help;* Pdf-documentation;* Saving and loading of analysis results;* Capability of command line launch;* Support of all cores and processors;* Estimate of complexity of 64-bit migration;* Support of (LLP64) and Linux (LP64) data models;* Interactive filters;* Convenient integration into the tm development process;* Marking of program text with the purpose of checking new only.
Link Download:
Download PVS Studio v4.77 with

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