Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dragon Crossroads

Dragon Crossroads [FINAL] |108MB|

Times of grt peril give rise to even grter heroes - or so the story goes in Dragon Crossroads, a time management game with a fantasy twist. A baby dragon is stolen when an evil magician invades a pceful rlm and lves a path of destruction in his wake. Now it’s up to you to help a young man as he sets out to reclaim the kingdom, rescue the newborn and save the day! Ogres, goblins and worse lie ahd, rdy to stop you in your tracks, so step carefully into the fray! With more than 50 levels across five gorgeous settings and five stunning comic book-style interludes, Dragon Crossroads will captivate you for hours on end!

• 55 Levels

• Comic-Book Style Cutscenes

• Point-And-Click Controls

Dragon Crossroads

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