Tuesday, May 24, 2016

EM Email Verifier v6.3

EM Email Verifier v6.3 | 15 Mb

Bad email addresses,
unsubscribers, and invalid domains can take a cln email list and
contaminate it very fast. Fortunately, Email Verifier has all of the
right tools within it to keep your contact list pure. In fact, it can
work on a multitude of external databases, such as Outlook,
that may contain invalid email addresses that give an unrlistic view
of how many valid recipients there are. When you can automatically cln
your list sily, you know exactly how many people you are rching.

This prevents you from receiving a lot of bounced emails. Unfortunately,
there are many ISPs that will block an IP if too many bounced emails
come back to it. Using the right software to verify the validity of the
email addresses you are sending to will keep this from happening to you.

Other ftures include:

Flexible and fast list clning that is 100% accurate in its

Manage your contact lists through the elimination of invalid email addresses

Minimize your website?s bandwidth usage by focusing only on a targeted audience

Large email lists can be loaded in seconds

Import email addresses from a of external databases that include Foxpro, Acces, MS SQL, Paradox, and more

Receive a detailed report of every operation and save both good and bad emails to a text file

Export email addresses to a text file, excel, or any other external source

Automatic deletion of auto-reply emails

Recover and save data safely

Split and merge lists

sily loe specific email addresses within lists

Set your own domain rules

Backup and restore that allows data to be transferred between computers





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