Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) 3.1

Smart PC Care(New)Smart PC Care fture of Innovative Program Optimizer is aimed at carrying out several projects with se. Several projects like trash details file washing, pc registry washing, erate defragmentation etc. can be accomplished through individual just click. This not only saves time but also makes the procedure of performing several projects a breeze.

Game Optimizer(New)Game Optimizer provides you with a private virtual desktop that is totally without any distractions – no songs, no im, no other apps operating except for your activity. What’s more, Game Optimizer actually rlloes system storage, guaranteeing that your activity will have plenty of sources, and guaranteeing that your gaming session will be totally exempt from plummeting frame rates, stuttering audio, and all of those other annoyances!Driver Updater(New)
Driver Updater requires all of the tedious perform out of keeping your system’s motorists up to date! By scanning your body, Car owner Updater is able to automatically download and install the latest updates for all of the motorists for all of your components. Of course, you will be presented with a conclusion of all of your outdated motorists before Car owner Updater goes to work
System Protector(New)
Tools(New)System Guard continually monitors the processes that are operating on your PC for evidence of spyware-related activity. Using artificial lice, Program Guard is capable of determining, detecting, and washing malicious thrts sily before they have an probability to do their dirty perform.

Resources functions tests on your erate, informing you of any issue ars and attempting to salvage any rdable details that it discovers in those bad ars. Think about it - you may just think that you've lost an important info file to a bad industry, but with Difficult erate Resources, you may still be able to get it back!
Rd MoreBackup Manager(New)Backup Administrator allows you make different back-up profiles, or jobs, ch of which can be used to returning up and restore particular details files and files. For instance, you could make one back-up job to returning up your photos, and another to returning up your songs, and yet a third that would returning up a larger portion of your erate. All of your backups can be stored as space-saving ZIP archive details files. Once you make a back-up job, you can re-run that job whenever they want. Restoring details from back-up is as simple as a few clicks.
Rd MorePC Fixer(New)PC Fixer check out your body, and it will present you with an sy-to-rd conclusion record of typical issues that negatively impact system performance and your consumer encounter. The PC Fixer job record is sorted by classifiion for your simple evaluation - just simply just click a classifiion like 'Control Panel' to see PC Fixer's recommended record of action products. Plus, if you're looking to fix or optimize a particular ar, like your display configurations, PC Fixer allows you srch for particular products by word!
Rd More
Optimizer solves the issue of details fragmentation, bringing a renewed level of responsiveness to your appliions and decrsing enough it requires for your pc to boot! With Difficult erate Optimizer, all of the fragments of details are rrranged returning to a sequential order on your erate, grtly improving details access times. Whenever you're experiencing sluggish program rction times, slow start and restart cycles, and a eral decline in system performance, it's here we are at Difficult erate Optimizer!Undelete ( New)Undelete tests your entire system for eliminated details files and files, providing you to be able to restore them as if they never left! Difficult pushes, partitions, external devices, even and pushes can be scanned for recoverable details files by Unerase. You even have your choice of check out – just the Master File Table, for a quick check out, or a deeper check out which functions a sector-by-sector check out of the erate for details file signatures.
Registry Clner
Registry Better discovers and eliminates unnecessary and invalid records in your Operating system, decrsing system rction some time to minimizing the chance of problems when setting up new appliions. By guaranteeing that your pc registry contains only those records that are necessary to support currently set up program and components products, Registry Better reduces the likelihood of details data corruption due to conflicting pc registry records.

Registry Optimizer
Registry Optimizer builds a fresh duplie of the Operating system using details included in your current pc registry. In doing so, Registry Optimizer supercharges your body performance by eliminating fragmentation, gaps, and eliminated pc registry records. The result is a clner, lner pc registry that requires up less erate ar and consumes fewer storage sources.
Rd MoreSystem Clner
System Better is crted to identify these trash details files that thrten to destabilize your body and compromise your identifiion. With Program and Difficult erate Better, you are assured of the finish removal of these details files, which are often missed by other utilities available in the market!
ExplorerThe Difficult erate Traveler program ftures a Explorer-style user interface that shows all of the available pushes on your body on the remaining, and all of the files in the selected erate on the right. With the user-friendly pie chart graphic, you'll be able to see, at a look, what types of details files take up the most ar on your erate. Have you ever wondered how much of your erate ar is taken up by songs files? With Difficult erate Traveler, this is no longer a mystery! Want to cln up your erate and totally relse some space? Difficult erate Traveler provides you with a handy record of the 100 largest details files on the erate.
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Uninstall Manager
Uninstall Administrator is the simple way to evaluation and eliminate appliions from your system! With Uninstall Administrator, you'll be provided with a finish record of all of the appliions that are set up on it, their explanations, details file sizes, and time frame set up. It's all the details that you need to make an informed decision whether to keep or eliminate a program.Memory OptimizerMemory Optimizer resolves the most typical causes of system crashes and program freezes! Memory Optimizer’s colorful and user-friendly storage graph shows you, at a look, your total storage, available storage, used storage, and the sources that are used by it cache. By constantly monitoring your body, Memory Optimizer is able to restore useful storage sources, making them available for your appliions and guaranteeing the continued hlth of your os. Appliions will perk up, operating faster and with grter stability. You can even specify how much storage Memory Optimizer should restore everytime it runs, tailoring the storage alloion procedure to the way that you work!
Rd MorePrivacy ProtectorPrivacy Guard addresses this issue hd-on! With Comfort Guard, your confidential details, including all traces of your usage history, is absolutely and safely erased from your machine. Not only does Comfort Guard prevent identifiion fraud, it also improves your body performance by eliminating details files that take up erate ar and t sources.
Rd MoreSecure DeleteSecure Remove keeps the protection and privacy of your body intact. By implementing a protected deletion method developed by the United States Department of Defense, Secure Remove guarantees that no device can ever restore your eliminated details files and folders! By using Secure Remove to safely eliminate your sensitive details files, eliminated products are permanently eliminated from your body.Download



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