Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DRAW Graphics Suite X6 v16 Full

DRAW Graphics Suite X6 v16 Full
DRAW Graphics Suite is an all-improved graphic editor that you can use to design and crte compelling logos, ads and websites; it’s aimed at professional designers / artists and is one of the most appreciated vector graphics and editing appliions.

Moreover, DRAW Graphics Suite is a collection of the most interesting products issued by ; the suite bundles three core appliions, namely: Photo-Paint, Connect and Draw and additional utilities for screen capturing, website design and font management.

The first component, Draw allows you to explore your crtivity and to express the artist in you in an intuitive and comfortable environment. The classic, menu-shaped interface provides users with functions that facilitate photo editing, web graphics design and the crtion of rich and unique content.

Draw lives up to its name and popularity by providing complex layout management and graphic effects. Styles and colors are sy to crte and use via utilities such as Style Sets and Color Harmonies. The rich templates, fonts and cliparts included in the suite are extremely helpful in the editing of high-resolution digital photos.

s can be adjusted (position, rotation, scale, size, skew, contrast enhancement, brightness, intensity), and various special effects can be added (3D, blur, art strokes, color transform, crtive, distort, sharpen).

Photo-Paint comes to complete the functionality of Draw by allowing you to perform pixel editing on bitmap s, while Connect enables you to srch (on Fotolia, Flickr and iStockphoto) and manage photos, clip art and fonts.

In conclusion, DRAW Graphics Suite is doing its best to assist you in graphics editing with a straight-forward look and powerful functions. With improved ftures such as page layout and vector illustration, the collection aims to win over fans, but isn’t just there yet.

FTURESSet up and start smoothly:
· Get a jump-start on your projects with an array of built-in lrning tools and tutorials, plus start your designs off right with professionally designed templates, quality clipart, royalty-free photos and premium fonts. Whether you’re an accomplished designer or a budding artist, there’s always something new to lrn.

Design with style and crtivity:
· With its rebuilt styles engine, new Object Styles docker, new Color Styles implementation, new Color Harmony functionality, and content-rdy picture frames, DRAW Graphics Suite helps you focus on bringing your unique sense of style and crtivity to your designs.

Crte layouts with se:
· With new and improved Master Layer functionality, new temporary Alignment Guides, new advanced OpenType support, and enhanced complex script support for working with foreign language text, DRAW Graphics Suite makes it sier than ever before to lay out your project.

Work faster and more efficiently:
· From organizing project assets and accessing the suite’s vast collection of content anywhere that you have an internet connection, to more quickly identifying available formatting options and removing unwanted ars in photos, DRAW Graphics Suite offers several workflow innovations that help you be more efficient and productive.

Prepare for output with confidence:
· After putting the finishing touches on your designs, the next step is to output your projects, upload your files to a printer or share your files. DRAW Graphics Suite provides extensive media and file support options so you can literally send your work anywhere.

REQUIREMENTS Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron 1GB RAM 1.5GB hard space (for typical installation without content - additional space is required during installation) Mouse or tablet 1024 x 768 screen resolution drive Internet Explorer 7 or higherDOWNLOAD
DRAW Graphics Suite X6
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