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Free Download Checkbook Pro v1.0.163 apk

Free Download Checkbook Pro v1.0.163 apk
Checkbook Pro v1.0.163

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Manage your finances quickly and sily without needing a paper ledger.

**ALPHA TESTERS WANTED** – We’re currently alpha testing our new cross-device synchronization functionality and accepting testers! If you’re interested in helping us solidify and get this functionality to production, plse contact us at support@molovi.com
**IMPORTANT!!!! If an issue is not reported to us, we cannot resolve the issue! If you’re experiencing a crash or having issues figuring out a fture EMAIL US at android@molovi.com! We WILL address any and all issues, but we can’t do so without you telling us that you’re having problems. PLSE HELP US! And we WILL HELP YOU!**
**IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT DELETE ALL EGORIES! Doing so will wrk havoc with the app at the present time. You MUST have at lst one egory of ch type (Credit and Debit).**
**Ftured on Phandroid.com!**

**Ftured as one of best “10 Apps for Getting Your Personal Finances in Order” on verizoninsider.com**
**Now with recurring transactions support!**
Manage your finances quickly and sily without needing a paper ledger. Balance all of your bank accounts at the touch of a finger on your Android powered phone or tablet! Checkbook Pro offers one convenient place for all your accounts, snapshots of balances, and outstanding payments. Get rid of your paper ledgers and add all of your checking, savings, credit, investment and misc accounts in Checkbook Pro. Enter account transfers, withdraws, payments, credits, debits, fees and more with se! Save yourself countless hours of tedious balancing with Molovi Software’s Checkbook Pro! Backup and Restore your data in the Cloud with se!
Checkbook Pro is the ONLY financial appliion available for Android that actually LOOKS just like your paper register! The familiar format, combined with a rich set of powerful ftures will make you wonder how you ever lived without Checkbook Pro and how you ever survived with paper ledgers!
Checkbook Pro is an app you can use in place of a paper checkbook, and makes it incredibly simple to manage your finances. One thing most people never lve home without is their smartphone. Now you’ll have all of your financial information in your pocket! Enter your purchases the moment you make them and never again have to dl with the hdaches of chasing down unknown charges. Avoid costly bank overdraft fees by putting the power in your hands! Even the online bank statements lag when posting transactions–sometimes causing you to believe you have more money than you do which lds to bounced checks and overdraft fees. Put an end to it today, and keep that money in your pocket with Checkbook Pro!
Checkbook Pro provides a very powerful set of filterable reports, allowing you to see exactly where your money is going in order to fine-tune your budgets.
If you’re looking for a Pocket Quicken alternative, this is the app for you!

• Ledger looks just like the paper register that you’re used to.

• Customizable egories

• Color-d Accounts and Transaction egories

• Unlimited Accounts

• Recurring Transactions

• View detailed bill & account statements

• Powerful Reporting Engine

• Cloud Backup/Restore

• Automatic Backup Scheduling

• CSV/Excel Export

• Lock

• Enjoy financial freedom and pce of mind.

• Selectable currencies

• Reminders

We believe that a product is only as good as the service behind it. We strive to provide not only the best personal finance app on the Android Market, but also the best customer service. If you have ANY issues, questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback PLSE do not hesitate to email us at android@molovi.com. You don’t need to rate us low/give negative feedback to get our attention. We respond to ALL emails extremely quickly and will do whatever we can to help you. Lving a 1-star rating does nothing and helps no one. Emailing us allows us to figure out what the issue is and respond to you. Which we will ALWAYS do!
What’s New

v1.0.163 – * Added email support for csv and backup exports.

* Added back support for rlier versions of Android.
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Free Download Checkbook Pro v1.0.163 apk

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