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Free Download JotterPad X: Writer v10.4.3 [Unlocked] apk

Free Download JotterPad X: Writer v10.4.3 [Unlocked] apk
JotterPad X: Writer v10.4.3 [Unlocked]

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

Overview: JotterPad X is a minimalist plain text editor good for both casual and crtive writers. It’s perfect for writing essay, lyrics, news article, magazine, screenplay and poem. Our main goal is to achieve distraction-free writing experience for our users by keeping it as simple as possible.

JotterPad X gives you the crtive space for your ids to flow. We push the boundary of our design to crte a comfortable yet inspiring platform to write on. The result, an exquisite experience which simply cannot be achieved with word processor and note-taking tool.
JotterPad X has one of the best tools for writing in Android. The app incorporates essential ftures such as undo, redo, night mode, finding phrase, versions. Other ftures which are newly introduced include: pop up resrch (dictionary/thesaurus), auto-save, text styling and Markdown. JotterPad X also has full Dropbox integration.
JotterPad X is now available in smartphone, 7 inch tablet and 10 inch tablet optimized for Android Kitkat.
Disclaimer: JotterPad X contains paid ftures. Plse look at the #In App Purchase carefully before downloading. JotterPad X only runs well on newer devices (e.g. 7, 5, Galaxy S4, S5). It does not support older devices like Galaxy Star, Galaxy Chat.
✓Full ftured distraction-free plain text editor

Undo & Redo, Phrase finding, Night Mode#, Live word count and Markdown preview (.md)#.

Also include auto hiding actionbar and locking screen# for viewing plsure.
✓Access Dropbox and local text files (.txt, .md, .fountain)

Built in file manager system to access local documents.

Full Dropbox Integration, access anywhere on the go even while offline. (No syncing required)
✓Versions control#

Auto save document and retrieve previous versions instantly.
✓Typeface and style customisation

Better writing experience by adjusting text fonts, margin, line spacing and text alignment.
✓Share and export

Share document as plain text, text file, HTML, RTF or export it as PDF#.
✓Extended board bar

Adds a bar to the top of your normal board for additional buttons and some frequently used markdown syntax.
✓board shortcuts

Compatible with physical and Bluetooth board including shortcut . (E.g. ctrl + Z for undo)
✓RTL support

Right-to-left (RTL) supported on Android 4.2 or above.

(Go to “Styles” > “Custom” > Change Alignment to “Any RTL”)
✓Popup Dictionary and Thesaurus# at your fingertips

Save your time to switch between apps in order to look up a word in dictionary or thesaurus.
✓Premium ftures (Crtive In App Purchase)

Unlocked ftures include Thesaurus, Night Mode. Lock Screen, Remove PDF watermark, Retrieve Versions, Markdown Preview and Lots of joy.
For more information,






# Only on Crtive Version

* Useful for NaNoWriMo
What’s New


New Icon, Coloured Caret and Cln Look

New typeface Novel Mono Pro (by Atlas Font Foundry)

New file srch, improved phrase srch

Quick scroll & Caret History

Remembers your last accessed folder

New file chooser

More encodings (e.g. BIG5)

Improved RTF (beta) export (e.g. paragraphing)

Localized to Simplified Chinese

Minor bugs fixed

Details: http://ift.tt/Tiw4QT
This app has NO advertisements
Paid ftures are unlocked!!
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Free Download JotterPad X: Writer v10.4.3 [Unlocked] apk

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