Tuesday, May 24, 2016

O&O Defrag Professional 16.0 Build 183 Full

O&O Defrag Professional 16.0 Build 183 Full
O&O Defrag Professional Edition is a powerful tool used for defragmenting partitions, thus optimizing your computer's performance.

The user interface is sy to follow. It has a ribbon bar that displays all possible actions made in O&O, a list of available local drives, and a few tabs: cluster view, history of fragmentation, drive status, jobs, reports, and file status.

The cluster view displays the amount of clusters arranged graphically as a block. The blocks are shown in prioritized colors - free, compressed, alloed, fragmented, reserved for MFT, system, paging file, locked exclusively, being processed, and folders.

Shadow Copy is a fture that automatically crtes copies of files that are currently being used, at regular time intervals. It can be either enabled or disabled.

defragmentation can be performed in several ways - Stlth (faster and uses little memory), Space (consolidates data, and further fragmentation is prevented), Complete / Name, Complete / Modified, or Complete / Access (these three methods also reorganize file structure in alphabetical order, or according to the last time when they were modified or accessed).

Furthermore, it is possible to schedule a defragmentation (once, or at a regular time interval), so it automatically performs.

O&O Defrag Professional Edition can also adapt itself to system load (thanks to the O&O Activity Guard), crte a before and after report, use power management for notebooks, defrag when the screensaver is running, defrag multiple drives simultaneously or individual files and directories, and more.

Our tests were run on a hvily fragmented partition of 250GB, and O&O did a good job, but not extraordinary. Space could have been further optimized.

CPU and memory are either moderately or highly demanded (according to the type of defragmentation) when O&O is performing a task.

All in all, O&O Defrag Professional Edition is a grt piece of software for defragmentation purposes. It improves the boot time and the overall performance of your computer.

FTURESWorld-exclusive Defrag Screensaver included Blazing system starts Up to 100% more speed Complete automation with O&O OneButtonDefrag Special support for notebooks Screensaver mode Automatic background defragmentation Support for removable drives sy to use even without previous experience Five different Defrag methods DOWNLOAD
O&O Defrag Professional 16.0 Build 183
64-bit by MESMERiZE

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